Michaela Spiegel
Artist, Institut fur Heil und Sonderpadagogik | Centre Pompadour - NeoFeminist Laboratory
Michaela Spiegel, At a Glance

Michaela Spiegel’s  intrigue in the saga of the woman of the past has thwarted her toward new heights and peaks of success as an artist and historian. She has garnered a reputation of distinction and prominence for her work, and for her expertise in art and neofeminism, and she continuously nurtures her growing skill set. She has completed coursework at the Viennese School of Feminist Irrealism, and she also holds a Master of Arts from the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Ms. Spiegel is a member of the following organizations:

  • Galerie Steinek Vienna
  • Galerie Analix Forever Geneva and Paris
  • School Gallery Paris
  • Albertina Museum Vienna
  • Literaturmuseum Strauhof Zürich, Switzerland
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Vienna
  • Sigmund Freud Museum, Vienna
  • Freud's Dream Museum, Russia
  • Museum Boerhaave, NL

In addition to collecting art, Ms. Spiegel’s favorite pastimes include listening to music by Jacques Renault and caring for her pug Marlon. She also enjoys reading Institutsbuch II des Instituts für Heil und Sonderpädagogik, Konversationslexikon des Instituts für Heil und Sonderpädagogik, Wiener Damenhaft, and Institiutsbuch I des Instituts für Heil und Sonderpädagogik in her spare time.

Michaela Spiegel
Institut fur Heil und Sonderpadagogik
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