Michaela Spiegel
Artist, Institut fur Heil und Sonderpadagogik | Centre Pompadour - NeoFeminist Laboratory
Michaela Spiegel Inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in Fine Art
Ms. Spiegel's organization is a leading education center

VIENNA, September 19, 2013, Michaela Spiegel, Artist at Institut fur Heil und Sonderpadagogik, has been recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in fine art.

Ms. Spiegel, who has a lifetime of experience in the art world, has held her current position for the past 18 years. Institut fur Heil und Sonderpadagogik is one of the Austria’s leading providers of teacher education and training for professionals who work in special education, elementary and alternative schools. In her leadership role with the institute, Ms. Spiegel teaches and creates fine art. 

Prior to her current role with Institut fur Heil und Sonderpadagogik, Ms. Spiegel filled a number of key positions with leading art and educational institutions, including serving as manager of the Centre Pompadour. She has also displayed and sold her art through many of the top art galleries and art brokers in Europe. During her long career, she has earned a reputation for being a dynamic, innovative fine artist with expertise in creating cutting-edge art.

Ms. Spiegel, who entered the art world after having her artistic gifts encouraged and nurtured as a child, attributes her success to good timing. Over the next five years, she would like to build on the success she has enjoyed personally and professionally.

Ms. Spiegel holds a master’s degree in fine art from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. An active member of the field, she belongs to numerous professional groups and organizations. Outside of her professional life, Ms. Spiegel is a dedicated community member who volunteers with a wide range of charitable organizations. During her free time, she enjoys creating art, playing music and spending time with her pug, Marlon.

For more information about Ms. Spiegel’s art, visit http://www.michaelaspiegel.org.

Michaela Spiegel
Institut fur Heil und Sonderpadagogik
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